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The Draftmasters difference. We are often asked the difference between us and other companies. If you use our system, it doesn't matter what the beer or fridge temperature is, our system is designed to pour beer from 90 degree F kegs or warmer, or even agitated.

Where our system shines are those occasions where beer delivery is late or you had to pick-up beer and it's now warm and agitated... no problem. Some beer is delivered in un refrigerated trucks... no problem. Draft fridges break down... no problem. Back up kegs are sometimes stored warm because of fridge space... no problem. Not all restaurants have dedicated beer fridges and you don't want to freeze your vegetables if you set your fridge too cold... no problem.

In the end, cold beer sells better. Colder beer has virtually no waste, you will find your sales going up even if your purchases stay the same. Draft sales have proven increases of over 35 percent when ice cold draft is served. And remember that servers can't claim waste everyday if there isn't any.

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At Draftmasters, we provide the best product for the best available price. We don’t carry sub par parts. We carry a huge selection of glycol decks and chillers for all the varied installations out there, from 1/16, up to 5hp for brewery style chillers. Anything we don’t list, we can get!

At Draftmasters, a division of CamCarb Ltd, we pride ourselves in prompt professional service. We provide our customers with personal service and a detailed diagnosis as to what and why something went wrong with their existing system.

This means a lot to our customers by putting them at ease. The diagnosis confirms our knowledge in this field, the fact that we are on the leading edge of cold draft beer technology, and hold more patents than all the other installation companies combined & thereby making us the service company of choice.

Installs of complete or partial draft systems includes all aspects of installation this starts from assembling and installing custom fridges to keg racking inside the fridge. Also we can do custom refrigeration units. From the keg to the faucet is our specialty.

Our services specialize in:



Draft Beer Towers
Faucets & Shanks
Drip Trays
Glycol Power Packs
Draft Beer Ice Bank
Draft Beer Dispense
System Components
Back Bar Coolers
Parties/ Event Beer
Cooling & Dispensing
Installation and
Maintenance Tools
Food Grade Certified
CO2 “Pop Gas”  
Beer Gas



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