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Welcome to Draftmasters

Draftmasters is a subsidiary of Camcarb Compressed Gas and Welding Supplies, operating since 1977. At Draftmasters, our specialty is beer system installation including assembly and installation of refrigeration units. Other products we specialize in include beverage coolers, beer kegs and accessories, beer line cleaning systems, beer towers, draft cleaning services and other bar and beverage services. We are also a major supplier of beer gas and food grade certified gases (also called “POP GAS”).


Food & Beverage Gas Supplier

Our beer gas is the best in the market including CO2 mix and N2 CO2 mix. They are supplied to the restaurant and hospitality industry along with certified food grade compressed gases, such as food grade certified CO2.

Once you have purchased our beer gas, we always want to make sure that the customer knows how the pressure or gas system works. This practice lets the customer know how to apply the right gas, at the right pressure, to achieve perfect draft pours every time.

Draft Beer Installation and Supplies

Draftmasters specialises in beer system installation and supplies. For home dispensing enthusiasts, Draftmasters is ready to supply, assemble and install your kegerator kit so that you can enjoy a fresh draft beer right in the comfort of your home. If you would like to experiment with nitrogenated beer, then we can supply you with the right gas mixture. A typical nitrogenated beer contains about 70 percent nitrogen (N) and 30 percent carbon dioxide (CO2).

Wine-On-Tap Systems

Draftmaster's Wine-On-Tap Systems makes dispensing your wine easier than ever. It provides consistent quality in every glass poured, spoilage is eliminated and provides increased ease of service.

Eco-Friendly Water Systems

Draftmasters offers Eco-Friendly Water Systems for the hospitality industry that helps increase revenue and reduce costs.

The Draftmasters Difference!

The difference between Draftmasters and other companies is simple - our system is designed to pour beer from 90 degree Fahrenheit kegs or warmer, or even agitated regardless of what the beer or fridge temperature maybe.

You can always depend on our system when:

  • You have warm and agitated beer due to late delivery or pick-up from a store.
  • Circumstances where beer is delivered in unrefrigerated trucks.
  • Draft fridges breaking down.
  • Back up kegs that are warm because of not enough fridge space.
  • Restaurants not having dedicated beer fridges and therefore beer not stored at an ideal temperature.

The above are some of the situations where Draftmasters can always help!

The fact is: Cold draft beer sells and has virtually no waste. The biggest change you will see is your sales increasing even if your purchases stay the same. Draft sales have increased over 35 percent when ice cold draft is served. Remember servers can not claim waste everyday if there isn't any.