Draftmasters Products

For All Your Beer & Beverage Dispensing Needs

Draftmasters provides the best products at the best available price. We carry a huge selection of products, from kegerators to glycol decks and chillers for all installations from 1/16, up to 5hp for brewery style chillers. Anything we don’t list, we can provide!


Kegerators & Beer Dispensers

With a wide range of home kegerators, dual tap kegerators, built in kegerators and outdoor kegerators, Draftmasters can help you complete or upgrade any home bar or outdoor entertainment project. Whether Residential or a Commercial project, Draftmasters has all the kegerators and beer dispenser choices for you.

CO2 & Nitrogen Air Tanks

Draftmasters has a full selection of hospitality gases, from beer gas to food grade certified carbon dioxide in a wide variety of cylinder sizes (nitrogen tanks and CO2 tanks) for dispensing draft beer. Together with Camcarb, Draftmasters is the leader in supplying the hospitality and restaurant industry with certified food grade compressed gases, such as food grade certified CO2.

Kegs & Keg Accessories

Draftmasters specialises in commercial and home keg equipment and supplies, as well as keg taps, parts and accessories.

Beer Faucets and Shanks

Beer faucets and shanks are two very important part of a beer system. It provides the link between the beer line and the faucet, delivering beer into a perfect pint. Contact us for options.

Draft Beer Towers

Beer towers are ultimate to any establishment, whether it is commercial setup or a home setup. Beer towers connect to the faucet where your beer is ultimately dispensed to give you the perfect pint. Beer towers can be chosen to compliment any design preference to create the right mood and atmosphere. Draftmasters can supply beer towers that are available in a variety of body styles for a number of beer faucets and cooling configurations.

Keg Couplers

Keg couplers are used to get beer or wine out of a keg. Keg couplers connects the gas and beer lines to a keg. Beer gas is then attached to the side of the keg coupler which then helps push the beer through the beer line to the beer tower where beer is dispensed through the beer tap. The important thing to consider when getting a keg coupler is making sure that the right style of the coupler is chosen for the keg.

Regulators & Gas Equipment

One of the key steps in dispensing quality draft beer is to have a great, properly adjusted and functioning beer regulator. A beer regulator connects the gas cylinder to the air tube which controls the flow of CO2 or Nitrogen from the cylinder. Adjustments are made within the regulator to find the right pressure which would create a successful pour. Contact us for choosing the right one!

Beer & Gas Line Hose

Draftmasters supplies the best in home and commercial beer and gas line hoses. A typical setup would use clear hose for liquid lines and red hose for gas lines. A beer line with the right thickness and length will contribute to giving the perfect pour. We always keep in mind the regulator to give a balanced system.

Kegerator Conversion Kits

We supply quality kegerator conversion kits that will help you convert any refrigerator or freezer into your very own draft beer dispenser.

Beer Line Cleaning Equipment

With a huge line of Beer Line Cleaning Equipment in our inventory, Draftmasters helps you keep your beer line clean so that the end result is a perfect fresh tasting pint of draft beer. Commercial grade and home grade beer line cleaning equipment are available for frequent cleaning jobs or just whenever cleaning is needed.

Drip Trays

For any kegerator project, drip trays is a necessity in order to keep your commercial or home bar area clean. Draftmasters offers a wide range of drip trays to suit any sized project and to give a great finishing touch.

Glycol Dispensing Equipment

Glycol systems are popular in commercial applications such as bars, restaurants, and stadiums. These systems are usually used for most long-draw draft beer projects. Contact us to custom design your business projects.

Parties/ Events Beer Cooling & Dispensing